turnaround and restructuring

Hild Consulting (HC) works with the management in developing strategic plans to address challenges and opportunities. HC helps stabilize the crisis by commencing an aggressive cash management, taking control of the business, rebuilding stakeholders confidence and redefining core operations. 

HC transforms the business model, changes the company from a product driven one to a customer focused company, builds commitment and capabilities and sets critical process improvements. 

Business Performance Improvement 

Hild Consulting (HC) delivers a results-driven approach to help companies across multiple industry sectors identify and quickly generate top-line improvements. 

HC sets an implementation plan to boost top line revenue by identifying consumers needs, seizing opportunities for product, improving prices and margin growth and analyzing trends to identify new sources of growth.

Our Services

A genuine partner

Hild Consulting (HC) operates with a small, cohesive team of professionals that engages with more than 100 entrepreneurs and financial institutions network. HC invests in startups, SMEs and distressed companies, which have a good product and a potential to scale up their activities on the regional level. 

HC targets significant minority positions, while adopting a hand-on monitoring approach centered on effective value creation. HC brings significant added value to our investee companies by:

  • Strengthening their managerial teams and aligning the interests of all shareholders with those of management.

  • Assisting the management in developing innovative strategies and in expanding the business regionally.  

Interim and crisis management

Hild Consulting (HC) serves in interim and crisis management roles to help guide companies through periods of distress or change. 

HC offers vital advice or  steps into key management positions such as Chief Financial Officer or Chief Turnaround Officer to stabilize the business, grow the company and provide guidance to clients, customers, vendors, creditors, investors and employees.

HC adds value by providing much needed leadership and speed to value creation in executing turnaround and restructuring plans.

transaction advisory

Hild Consulting (HC) works closely with clients to add value, make informed investment decisions, reduce exposure to risk, achieve corporate and stakeholders objectives and to gain a competitive advantage by making the right financial decision.

HC has extensive knowledge of the financial marketplace and a deep understanding of operations from years of experience and has worked on a variety of transformations including: 

  • Financial Modeling
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Valuation Services
  • Franchise Services
  • Raising Equity/Debt